ตัวควบคุมการชาร์จแบตเตอรี่ แบบ MPPT ขนาด 40A 48V CP-04840 (TF)

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Product Introduction
This series product is specially designed for battery using in the off grid solar power system, which can provide intelligent charge control.   Adopt MCU control technology, PWM constant volatge charging mode.   Be efficient to protect battery and extend its life span.   It can be widely used in houses, schools, streetsm station, airway, industry and mineral, frontier, islands, pastoral areas, solar off grid power system, etc.

– MCU intelligent control, excellent performance
– Protection of battery over charge / over discharge, extend life span of battery
– Simple led display shows working status clearly
– Protection against joint-reversed of solar module, safe and reliable
– Adapt to wide range of temperature and high altitude

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